Thursday, February 16, 2012

Benefits of Rose Water

A close friend asked me to post about Rose water & it's benefits - so here goes.

Rose water is a staple in Lebanon. It's a must in the house whether to be used for baking or as home remedies for skin irritations & more.

Rose water is a by-product of Rose Oil.  During the preparation of Rose essential oil, a distillation process is used & the oil is separated from the water - making both a Rose Oil & Rose Water. Both the rose oil & the rose water contain a beautiful scent & natural healing properties.  Rose water contains a variety of nutrients and vitamins; one vitamin that is highly available in rose water is Vitamin C (a must in everyone's diet). Vitamin A can also be found in rose water, as well as antioxidants - such as flavonoids (Quercetin - allergy suppressant, gallic acid, malic acid, citronellol geraniol and more.

Rose is a natural astringent (contracts tissues and canals of body, diminishes blood or mucus discharge) with anti-inflammatory properties.  It has hydrating & rejuvenating affects on the skin.

Please note that these benefits are only found in genuine natural rose water - some manufacturers produce synthetic rose water which have no therapeutic value. It is important you obtain the right product to see results

-Contracts tissues
-Diminishes blood/mucus discharge
Relieve Eye Irritation & Infection
  • Applied by cotton swab, dab eye lid & around the eye area to relieve eye irritation
  • Also helps reduce puss due to conjunctivitis or bacterial infections of the eye. Antiseptic.
  • Apply throughout the day, especially before bed and after waking up. 
  • Anti-inflammatory

Facial Toner
  • Helps absorb excess Oils
  • Helps in controlling Acne

Diminish Wrinkles & Pores
  • Tightens pores
  • Reduces appearance of fine lines

Soothes Headaches
  • Dab on temples and eye area to ward off or soothe headaches.

Reduces Skin Redness
  • Diminishes the redness caused by enlarged capillaries.

  • May help reduce or stop bleeding in minor cuts & wounds
  • Cleanses cuts & wounds
  • Helps in relieving constipation & gas
    -Relieves Flatulence
    Gas / Flatulence
    • Helps in relieving constipation & gas
    -Cooling effect
    After Shave
    • Reduces irritation after shaving

    Chicken Pox
    • Mixed with Corn Starch - Reduces Irritation & diminishes Itch

    Sunburn Soother
    • Soothes & cools sunburned skin
    • slightly disinfects skin to help in preventing infection & irritation
    Cardiac Tonic
    -Stimulates & Strengthens Heart Metabolism
    Heart Health
    • Aids in Circulation
    • used in treatments for heart disease
    • Anti-inflammatory

    Other Properties

    Make-up Setting Spray
    • Add it to spray bottle
    • Spritz lightly over your face. 
    •  It will set your makeup and gave you a dewy finish for hours.

    Body Mist
    • Add it to spray bottle
    • Spritz lightly. 
    • (Add a couple drops of Rose oil to enhance smell)

    • Add to shampoos to give refreshing smell & help soften & condition hair.
    • Pour over head while showering - can reduce inflammation of the scalp, 
    • Can increasing blood supply to the scalp and promotes hair growth.

    Natural Cleanser

    • With the addition of a few drops of Rose Oil, you could make a natural cleanser.

    Make-up Remover

    • With a cotton swab, you could use Rose water as a make-up remover.
    • apply in a circular motion (take note not to press hard, so as to not irritate the skin)

    Balances skin pH
    • Helps in controlling dry & oily skin
    • Soothes dermatitis conditions ie. eczema

    Hot Bath
    • Add to a hot bath for relaxation help
    • Helps in trapping moisture - making skin smooth & firm
    • Relieve fatigue
    • Improve your mood 
    • Reduces stress and depression

    Emotional & Psychological
    • Mild sedative and anti-depressant
    • Improves Mood
    • Reduces stress
    • Relieves Nervous tension

    Air Freshener
    • Just as a body mist, this natural remedy can be used on both the body & in the home.
    • Spritz Rose water (with a few drops Rose oil) for a refreshing scent

    • Rose water is used in many desserts & baking recipes.
    • Some use it as a substitute for vanilla extract


    1. Amazing! LOVE this post. S ;)

    2. Rose petals are one of the best source to keep your skin nourished, glowing and moisturized. Rose Water has a lot of benefits such as rose oil that adds fragrance to the body, introduced as a skin toner, anti-bacterial and antiseptic liquid, primary flavor on many sweet treats and many more.


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