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Natural Healing and Health Tips: Food for Fuel & Self-Sustenance

I hold a strong belief in the efficacy of natural medicine and the healing power of nature; and with the concern for others, I always look forward to applying my skills for the well-being of others by promoting health, and disease prevention.
Throughout several years I've carried out extensive alternative health research with the use of published books, the internet and several online databases. I've self-experimented with natural remedies, both with foods and herbs & meditation, and have extended these experiments to interested close family members with great results.

Thus far, I am most passionate about herbal medicine and nutritional medicine; however, I hold great interest in Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and lifestyle Counseling.
It is through my personal research and day to day experiences, that I have come to believe with a simple balanced lifestyle, one could truly be and feel healthy. It is our awareness of our intake and in turn our natural purging of toxins and matter, all while efficiently retaining the 'fuel' - vitamins, minerals, hormones, antioxidants - that helps our body's homeostasis, our balance; a stable equilibrium that's a means of sustaining life.

Food isn't just what we can swallow, it's the tiny molecules in what we eat. That's what fuels us; our energy, our lifeline, our basic necessity. 

If each individual cell in our body is getting it's share of 'food' then the bigger picture - our tissues, organs and exterior will not only look but also feel healthy.

With that said, why not share!!

Tips I find useful to help in this equilibrium struggle when living in this world.

"Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food"   Hippocrates

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