Saturday, October 08, 2011

Cucumbered Yogurt, with a hint of mint

CUCUMBERED YOGURT, with a hint of mint

please do take in consideration that this Yogurt is made with a starter culture of bacteria. If it's Tangy, it's probably healthier. It's the present bacteria that is beneficial to us. Any heat treated yogurts won't give you the same benefits since the bacteria (pro-biotics) are killed off.
Also avoid yogurts that contain any sugars, fruits, flavors, thickeners, stabilizers & preservatives. These are just additives that you could & should do with out (remember they might not directly harm you, but they build up in our systems & are forced to over work to eliminate them).

Yogurt is:* Rich in calcium (works with live culture to increase absorption by bones)
* Pro-biotic (Digestion aid)
* Rich in Proteins
Cucumber is:* Cucumber is a natural diuretic, secreting and promoting the flow of urine.
* Potassium content of cucumber - useful for high and low blood pressure.
* Cucumber contains erepsin, the enzyme that helps to digest protein.
* High silicon & sulphur content - said to promote the growth of hair
* The high mineral content
Mint is:* Promotes Digestion
* Activates secretion of enzymes
Olive Oil is:* high content of antioxidants
* Controls LDL "bad" cholesterol levels while raising HDL "good" cholesterol)
* Activates the secretion of bile and pancreatic hormones
Garlic is:* Natural Antibiotic - enhances the body's immune cell activity.
* Regulates the body's blood pressure
* Packed with vitamins and nutrients

1 cup plain (natural) yogurt
3/4 cup diced middle eastern (small) cucumber
1-2 cloves minced garlic
1 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 tbsp Chopped mint (fresh or dried)
1/8 tsp. salt

(amounts can be altered depending on your taste)
Mix & Enjoy!

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