Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wild Purple & Yellow Breakfast

Today I woke up with the thought of making breakfast. Initial thought was eggs, but I needed more oomph to the dish. Not having an idea as to what's in the fridge, I opened it to notice some boiled beets, & boiled quinoa.  I felt like I needed more ingredients, so I opened the vegetable drawer to find some yams and orange bell peppers.  All ingredients out of the fridge, now I needed to figure out what to make.

Ingredient List:

Eggs - Quinoa - Beets - Wild Rice - Flax Seed - Raw Almonds - Yam - Orange Bell Peppers - Garlic - Cayenne - Black Pepper - Olive Oil    AND    Blackberries

Wild Purple Quinoa 
I decided to mix the quinoa with the beets and add some fibre to it. I boiled some wild rice, and also ground flax seed and ground raw almond nuts.

Yam & Pepper Medley
For this, I chopped the yam and peppers, (boiled the yams) and then quickly stir fried the with some cayenne and black pepper & garlic. I had accidentally made too much wild rice for the quinoa, so I used the rest here.

Simple easy sunny side up egg, with a sprinkle of cayenne, blackpepper and salt.

Blackberry Beet juice
to top this all off I made a juice to drink later on as a mini snack. I say snack, because along with the beets and blackberries & orange juice, I added ground flax seed and ground raw almonds. These provide you with the nutrients, without altering the taste of the juice. Please note NO SUGAR was added. Blackberries alone give the sweet taste, and Beets are usually a source of sugar.. so don't add the sugar if you don't need it.

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