Friday, November 25, 2011

Zaatar breakfast with my Nephew

Boost your Brain!!!

My nephew loves zaatar (as I do) and we were in need of breakfast, this one PA day morning. Of all the choices, he decided on Zaatar & Chai (Black tea).

So off to the kitchen to make a dough. He helped me mix a flour & butter dough and we topped it off with Zaatar. The zaatar was mixed into the dough along with some black olives, and rolled into sticks and bite size balls. Then baked at 350 Celsius. Quick, easy and tastes wonderful!

We finished the presentation with sliced tomatoes, a bit of Labneh infused with turmeric, a hint of cayenne, and paprika for the dipping sauce, and of course a mug of black tea.

Zaatar is great for the Brain & Heart. It prevents coagulation and clotting of the blood, which in turn allows for transport of oxygen to tissues and organs. The oxygen dose to the brain replenishes it and boosts it's power.

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