Wednesday, December 07, 2011

'Tis the season to be Brain-full


- Cheer up for Christmas
- Easily make & remember the "Gifting" list
- Attack all those exams

'Tis the season to be jolly...   Indeed, but it's also the season to be stressed and worried. Lists and lists pile up in your mind, who's been naughty, who's been nice, who gets what and who deserves what. then to top it all off Schools decided to Gift us with the Exam Burden.

So as I'm in need of all of the below as well, I've decided to create some Brain Boosting Power foods to help you organise and eliminate stress, all while ACING each and every class.

Do note.. these are great year round foods, don't just limit their use to stressful times. Prevention is Key, so if your body & brain are well equipped prior to the stress. It'll even save you a lot of stressing about stressing.

Wild salmon.
Not only a Brain food... but beneficial for a myriad of other things pertaining to the body such as Mood elevation, Heart Health & blood vessel maintenance, Helps reduce the risk of stoke, Alzheimer's or Dementia, Improves Brain Matter & helps with synaptic connections (Yay to learning). Wild salmon is a great source of Essential Fatty acids (such as Omega-3). It's also a rich source of Protein with low saturated fat. It has been shown that of all the fish, Salmon is one that generally has low contamination (eg. Mercury)

Wouldn't you love to live here? I wouldn't
Please note WILD,  unfortunately these days, most of our salmon is farmed, meaning we humans control them from point A to point Dish.. and you know we love money more than anything. so the Salmon doesn't get what life truly intended it to have. The food it's fed has been altered, living environments changed, and all which provides it with it's health has been stripped away. If we eat it, we are provided with just that. Un-health. Moreover, the 'farms' for Salmon are sometimes contaminated, almost always restrict full salmon potential movement and, Provide Genetically Modified plants such as corn or soy as the main diet. SALMON don't eat Corn.. they aren't intended to (& we know that because they have no legs to walk the corn fields). Usually the 'Lack of Health' of a Fish can be seen by it's colour, the amount of Meat it has. But we've done it again and found a solution to hide all that - Food colouring and additives.
Don't get me wrong. Not ALL fish Farms are money crazed; there are the few that are health-focused and do it the right way as much as they could, it's just a matter of finding out who those are. In the mean time if you could get your hands on the WILD.. your brain is waiting.

Cacao Beans
Ok yes this is chocolate, or the beginning of chocolate, But minus the butter & milk & sugar & processing & heating & artificial flavours. Cacao is Excellent - only when minimally processed. so when all the other ingredients & methods are added to it, you can say bye bye to all the "health".  The Cacao Bean is packed with vitamins, minerals & nutrients - and A lot of it too - some even claim that it's one food on this planet that contains the most nutrients. It's a powerhouse all on it's own, providing us with antioxidants, flavonoids, catechins and many other brain & body enhancing nutrients. The Theobromine in cacao beans helps improve our mood and our Cognition is greatly enhanced. Just remember, heat kills a lot, vitamin C for example is diminished greatly with heat. To get your hands on this wonderful Bean - opt for cacao Nibs (broken cacao bean) or Cocoa powder - Go for the 100% organic (non-alkalised).

Make your self a morning drink with cocoa powder, milk (try nut milks) and perhaps some Cinnamon or cayenne pepper. {Protein - Blood Sugar Stabilising - Brain enhancing - Circulation & respiratory enhancing Drink}

If you really can't get your hands on the good stuff, you can opt of the Dark Dark chocolate bars (75% or more)

Butter is Better
As posted in one of the comments by a dear friend at Butter is definitely better. We have been given the notion that butter is bad for our heart and health in general. But further studies have shown that butter contains 63% saturated, 26% mono-unsaturated, and 4% poly-unsaturated fat. Knowing the constituents of butter, along with the extensive research that has been done on saturated fats, we can conclude that such fats are very important in maintaining and building cell walls, brain cells, vision, skin rejuvenation, energy and heart heath as well as increasing HDL in blood - good cholesterol. Moreover butter provides us with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (poly-unsaturated), omega-9 (mono-unsaturated) and, mouth watering flavor!

With this idea - don't go adding butter on everything. Combinations of foods may be detrimental to the body, even though the constituents are 'healthy'.   Do add butter to vegetables, the butter itself helps your body absorb the nutrients present in the vegetables. Don't add butter to bread (or carbohydrates), butter and carbs act together to form bad cholesterol LDL and promote inflammation - leading to heart diseases.

Note: When I say butter, I mean a proper form of butter. Sadly, not all our cows are grass-fed, which leads to bacteria filled milk, and hence not so good butter. If you can get your hands on grass-fed cow butter or milk that's the better way to go.
Note: Margarine is NOT butter..and it's no where near as good. It's best if you could avoid margarine

And always remember, moderation is best. Don't over do it and never go to the extreme.

Want to make your own butter?  Ask doc0c


  1. What about butter? Full of saturated fat that the brain loves.

  2. Hi Octavian. You're definitely right. This list is of course not completed. But I wanted to put what I had out there. I've added a little blurb about butter & a link to you to pass on to us your butter making skills. Thanks for the Tip!


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