Thursday, March 01, 2012

Morning Sandwich Sushi Roll

This idea came to me when I went for a visit to Lebanon. I had learned of the benefits of seaweed and wanted to share it with family back home. So I took a bag of Nori with me. One day I woke up and went to eat breakfast when I realized we were out of the daily pita bread we usually eat. Everything else was available. So out came the nori seaweed - the substitute to a pita. I used 2 sheets to ensure it held strong.

The toppings I used were must-have ingredients in Lebanon and among my family. The main ingredient is the Labneh (Cheese cloth Strained/Pressed yogurt - with a creamy consistency), then I used Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Parsley, Radish, Lettuce.

 I added Labneh to one sheet & covered it with the second sheet & also topped that with labneh. Then just as you prepare sushi, I started added the ingredients that I had. I'm assuming this can be done with many other food choices, it's just a matter of trying it out and deciding on whether it taste good or not. I finally rolled it up and got this:

Might I add, I enjoyed the flavor, as did my younger sister. But I also enjoy eating the nori sushi sheets on their own. Perhaps my taste buds have adapted to the taste and didn't mind it with the Labneh.

It's almost close to the cream cheese they add to some sushi rolls (minus the rice). Enjoy & let me know if you've tried this out - liked it or hated it. 

Lastly for those of you who don't know Labneh
It's simply a yogurt strained of it's whey. After preparing the milk & adding bacterial culture - you end up with yogurt. This yogurt can be separated of it's whey through a straining process with a muslin or cheese cloth. Take note; the whey (a yellow translucent liquid) contains minerals and health benefits, don't toss it, rather use it in soups, baking  etc. After strained, it's just a matter of putting it in the fridge until your ready to enjoy it!

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