Friday, July 07, 2017

Best Natural Healing Hacks

What are the best natural healing hacks everyone should know about??

First thing in after you wake up - drink 500 ml of water.
  • Your body spent all night cleansing, Now give it a way to flush everything out.
  • Rehydrate your body
  • Easy it into a new routine - breaking your fast (breakfast) shouldn't be harsh on your body so break it with water, then go for your usual breakfast
During showers - end with cold water
  • This forces your body to create white blood cells
  • This shock improves your immunity.
  • The cold water even helps with muscle aches and strains and inflammation (inflammation is what usually kills us slowly)
Rid yourself of sugar
  • It is a poison, almost all types of sugar are
  • We don't need sugar in sugar form because we get enough from fruits or even from breaking down of carbohydrates like bread and rice.
  • Sugar lowers pH of body, making a better environment for bacteria to live in.
Vitamin C - the real deal
  • This has been known to cure so many things
  • First discovered when man was trying to find a cure for his migraine. He gave it to other subjects with migraines and while jotting down their experiences with the vitamin, he found out that many noticed other ailments disappearing (arthritis, carpel tunnel, memory loss, forgetfulness, lack of energy, decreases libidos, colds, flu,) all of these ailments and more either finished or disappeared.
  • You cannot overdose on vitamin c
  • It has been used in very high doses to cure cancer.
  • Ascorbic acid is the pure form of vitamin c (it may be better than vitamin c tablets as the tablets may have ingredients to mask the flavour etc.
Hot water
  • Although I am a big advocate of herbs, spices etc. The best part of a tea to your health is the hot water
  • Hot water relaxes your system
  • It helps cleanse your system
  • Improves digestion
  • May even improve metabolism
  • Not the we usually breathe. I mean deep breaths.
  • Deeply inhale and deeply exhale, make sure you reach the end of your lungs
  • Get more oxygen in - helps to heal body
  • Balances blood pressure,
  • Calms the mind, and body - eases stress
  • Adds oxygen to the brain
Spices. Flavour your world!!!

  • This is something as an extra.
  • Not many know of spices except the usually black pepper, and chili powder and maybe now turmeric.
  • But there are endless amounts of spices (and by spices I am also including roots, berries, herbs, bark, resin, fruit, seeds, etc)
  • Spices add flavour to food - this means you can avoid eating unhealthy food because you can spice up the healthy food and make it taste amazing
  • Spices add health benefits. Some spices aid with digestion, some with flatulence and gas, some help cholesterol, some with diabetes, blood pressure, some with stomach ailments, nausea, some act like Advil as they are anti-inflammatory. And so many more.
  • Don't be surprised or worry about which spice to use, because all of them almost always are antioxidants and a lot share many of the benefits.
  • My advice is to always have a spice cabinet, and experiment until you find your favourite combination.
  • Spices don't have to be added during the cooking phase
  • Spices can be added after cooking (sprinkled like a salt)
  • Spices aren't only for cooked foods - add them in salads, dips, drinks, smoothies, tea

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