Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dareen's Favorite Remedies

This is a list of Foods & spices that first pop in my head when I'm in need of a fix. Reasons I've stuck with these remedies is because they have always worked for me with no fail. I also have done research on these items and have found them to be considered potent in many forms and help in a range of diseases and illnesses. You'll most likely find them in your house and are easily found in many supermarkets.

Here they are in no particular order:

Ginger Sliced Fresh Root Ginger
  • I like the taste, so I nibble on it as it is
  • I also use the slices to make tea
  • I add flavor and health with grated ginger (I make sauces, salad dressings, dips, curries, marinades, or even sprinkle on baked potatoes or chicken with other ingredients prior to cooking)
  • This is also a perfect hangover remedy. Yes I've had days of drinking where the next morning felt like it was still the night before, pounding headaches, upset stomach, lazy with lack of energy. Ginger Tea helps elimination of blood alcohol levels. I try to drink it right before I sleep but in the case that I don't, I make sure to make me a cup (or ask my sister to make me a cup to heal
Powder Ginger
  • I'm trying to substitute this with the ginger candy.
  • I sometimes use the powder to make a tea when I'm out of fresh ginger
  • Quick meals calls for no chopping or dicing, so I add flavor and health with the powder (I make sauces, salad dressings, dips, curries, or even sprinkle on baked potatoes with other ingredients)
Candied Ginger
  • I avoid this the most because of the sugar content, but it's helpful when you're on the go.I carry a pack in my car
Pickled Ginger
  • Every sushi meal must start and end with this ginger.
  • It also allows you to savor each and every flavor, but "cleaning" your palatte
  • Helps with digestion 
  • Increases appetite - works wonders when you're doing the all-you-can-eat
Turmeric Powder
  • I sprinkle this on EVERYTHING 
  • perfect detoxifying agent, that increases and improves function of liver
  • Has many more benefits, hence why i use it on so many foods
  • I usually take it in the form of a tea - Green tea with a half tsp of turmeric
  • Turmeric is also used in arabic sweets - SFOOF 
  • I make Veggie sandwiches and add turmeric to it
  • Salad dressing - with turmeric
  • Baked or fried potatoes - always have turmeric part of the seasoning
  • Difficult to find the root, so i stick to the powder

Turmeric (& Kolongi) Oil
  • During a trip to Dubai and visiting the "Souk" flea market, I came across many vendors who carried spices & herbs. I was in Wonderland!!  that's where I came across an infused oil with turmeric and kolongi. 
  • it's a topical application and It's a healer.  My cuts healed in half the time they usually did. Baby diaper rashes that wouldn't heal because of constant moisture from the diaper, were reduced in size and severity with this oil. I've used it on some rashes as well with outstanding results. 
  • This oil also contained Kolongi - a seed mentioned in the Quran as being "A healer of everything except death"
Apple Cider Vinegar A shot a day keeps the doctor away
  • Indigestion, Upset Stomach and the list goes on. Apple cider vinegar is another go to item for nausea or indigestion, it also works instantly. I consider this a miracle drug. 
  • I usually take a shot of it (but always mix it with water, so it doesn't damage the esophagus - remember it's vinegar)
  • not the best tasting, but in time you'll acquire the taste (now I'm starting to like it)
  • This has also been shown to help in weight loss. You'll find many "apple cider vinegar" pills out there.. but I prefer natural more. 
  • Please note this is not apple cider, it's apple cider vinegar. Its constituents are different, both are good, but the vinegar holds many more benefits to it. 
  • In my house we always have a bottle or 2 on the kitchen counter, easy access and convenient. It also reminds us to take it because it's infront of us. And the reason for 2 bottles, is because it's consumed fairly quickly.
  • This remedy (my sister would say) cured her of Acid reflux.
Anise Seed Seed
  • I may have recommended this a million times to friends and family, even to the point where I have people joke about it saying, it's the go to medicine for every disease. 
  • The reason I mention it a lot, is because most illnesses that i come across deal with colds, flu, mucus building, coughing, phlegm etc.
  • Anise is a perfect expectorant - meaning it helps the body expels mucus from it's system. This in turn helps with stuffy noses, "wet" coughs, congested lungs. 
  • I've also used this during every episode of having a cold. I found my self healing faster, and shortening my 'runny nose' days.
  • Coughs reduced dramatically as well.
Green Tea Tea
  • This is also a staple every time I go eat sushi (by now you will have realized I'm a sushi fan - Omega 3/6/9 to the rescue)
  • I'm a coffee lover but barely show it, I try to avoid it a lot, and thank you for green tea for making that possible. 
  • Its a great picker upper, makes my body feel warm and comfortable and there's plenty more. Research has shown that green tea has many benefits.
  • At times when i feel my body isn't at it's best, when i feel extra tired, extra moody etc, I make myself a cup of green tea with turmeric. I feel there is a reason for all this aching and tired feeling - Toxins, and what better way to fix this than by helping your liver and body to eliminate these toxins with turmeric and adding a little boost of energy with green tea.
Fennel Seed Seeds
  • The main use of this seed (for me) is for menstrual pain. I make sure to make myself a cup of tea infused with this fennel seed. 
  • Fennel is also known to aid in digestion and flatulence. If you've even been to an Indian restaurant, you may have been offered a mix of seeds at the end of the meal. One of those seeds is fennel - Because we all know how tough Indian food can be to our stomachs and gut.
  • I prefer the seed, since the shell of the seed prevents loss of flavor and potency
Garlic Mashed
  • Please refer to the Lemon & mashed garlic below to see the many ways I consume garlic
Whole or sliced cloves or Garlic
  • In dire need of a fix up, I've eating whole garlic while adding olives to enhance the taste.
  • I've even used an open end of a garlic clove to rub on nails - it's been said this can improve the health of nails & strengthen them. (I stopped doing that, because the smell sticks)
  • I season my meats, my veggies, my salad dressings, my sauces and dips.. almost everything I eat has to have a garlic base to it.
  • Before I stir fry anything, I start off with stir frying the garlic first, to bring out all the flavor, then add what I please
  • When no fresh garlic available, or in a hurry to make a quick meal, I sometimes opt for garlic powder or granulated garlic. As with turmeric, I can sprinkle this on anything and everything.
  • I season my meats, my veggies, my salad dressings, my sauces and dips
Lemon or Lime Squeeze
  • I'm a citrus lover, if all foods were sour, I'd love food way more than I already do. In university I would almost always squeeze lemon or lime on what I was making.
  • Lemons or Lime was always the base of my salad dressings.
Juice & Pulp
  • Detoxify - A full squeezed lemon/lime (with some of it's pulp) in a huge glass of water. 
  • This remedy has cured me of colds, prevented me from getting colds while being surrounded by sick people. And it tastes amazing. Since I like the lemon taste, I can bare it without sugar. The more water you add, the less citrus you taste, so rather than adding "an immune killer"  try to cover the taste with more water or go for alternative NATURAL sweeteners. Please Please Please Don't use artificial sweeteners. those are horrible for our health.
Juiced Lemon with mashed garlic & hint of Salt
  • I also make a mix of juiced lemons with mashed garlic and a hint of salt, this is a perfect dip or marination for many veggies. 
  • I use the avocado as a bowl and mix this concoction with it, and eat it with a spoon
  • Slightly Steamed or fresh Asparagus, Broccoli, Dandelion, Watercress marinated with this mixture. Just nibble on them or use them as a sidedish
  • Carrots soaked in this make a wonderful appetizer or hors d'oeuvre. This used to be my studying snack, a perfect substitute for chips.
  • Almonds soaked in this also takes wonderful
  • Artichokes boiled and the fleshy tips & heart dipped in this mix is amazing
Kalonji Seed
  • Strong Flavor, But I usually grind the seed to get most potency when I'm about to use it.
  • This seed, also known as Black Seed, Nigella, Kolongi, is known for it's many healing properties. It has been known to be "the healer of everything except death"
  • I used this in my salad dressings, and also sprinkling a little of it on sandwiches.
  • We have a extra pepper mill on our dinner table - inside it we have Kalonji
  • Refer to Turmeric (Turmeric and Kolongi Oil)
Mustard Seed Seed
  • Mustard comes in yellow, brown or black seeds. 
  • I've come to love the flavor of mustard, and this is even beneficial after learning of all it's benefits.
  • Great for colds and respiratory illnesses
  • Mustard seed can also be used as a poultice to ease inflammation. (mom's been a perfect subject for this experiment, and she loved it. It eased your shoulder pain and tense muscles which were causing her tension headaches)
  • Sometimes used as a laxative. 
  • Can be used as a powder or as a seed form for marination or adding extra flavor
  • Add mustard to salad dressings, it gives a little kick in flavor and aids in health.
Cayenne Pepper Powder
  • My go to remedy when I'm cold. Sometimes I experience cold feet and extremities, and cayenne is the first thing i think of.
  • It's aids in blood circulation, in turn increasing circulation of oxygen and helps nourish cells and tissues.
  • Cayenne has been shown to stop a heart attack as it happens (but please don't experiment on this.. leave it to the doctor)
  • It's beneficial in weight loss by increasing metabolism
  • It helps adjust with blood pressure.
  • Cleans the arteries, gets rid of bad LDL cholesterol and tryglicerides.
  • Stimulates peristaltic motion in intestines and aids in assimilation and elimination of unwanted matter.
  • Warms the body internally and externally
  • Been used as a frost bite remedy. I have experimented in the crude cold winters of Canada, by putting a sprinkle on cayenne in my boots. Not only did they keep my feet warm.. at points I couldn't wait to get home to remove my shoes because I felt so much heat, it felt like a burning sensation.
  • I've also used cayenne poultice on stiff muscles.. neck strains are a nuisance especially when you need to move. A little bit of cayenne made into a paste using olive oil, and rubbed onto painful area. Please note: some muscle injuries get worse with heat applications - cayenne will only make it worse. (if your doctor says put an ice pack on it.. then NEVER use cayenne)
  • Superb for rebuilding the tissue in the stomach, facilitating healing with stomach and intestinal ulcers. Cayenne pepper for ulcers is not something most would have considered, and it still should be considered as a slight irritant especially when you have ulcers, but a little at a time NOT on an empty stomach and you should be fine. Remember if you're unsure, you can always start of with the tiniest of doses. 
  • And please remember NEVER to take it on an empty stomach.  I've experiment with cayenne and filled capsules with cayenne to get myself a bigger dose without tasting and feeling the heat on my tongue. Big mistake: I took the capsule on an empty stomach - and with in 20 minutes, there was an unpleasant party in my stomach - fire crackers and bombs. Too much cayenne can irritate the stomach - sometimes resulting in ulcers. It seems ironic that a substance that can heal ulcers can also cause them, but we always have to remember to Balance.  Getting too much of a Good thing, will not always result in a Good outcome.

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