Monday, October 17, 2011

Miso in a mug

Although we assume miso comes hand in hand with eating sushi, we should rethink the benefits of it. Miso - a fermented soy bean paste contains phytonutrients that are beneficial to our health.

Soy is known to contain estrogen. This fermented form of phytoestrogens allows for production and proliferation of cells, but is also known to inform body of killing the out-of-control cells (which end up leading to cancers)

Moreover, think of estrogen, link it to woman, And you've got yourself a remedy!
Miso is a great remedy to help with symptoms of PMS. It ups your estrogen level, keeping your hormones in check and helps with uterine contractions.

Boil some fish broth (or any seafood broth)
Once boiled, remove from stove
and add a tablespoon of miso paste, stir until dissolved and enjoy.

(this could also be done without the fish broth, just boiled water instead)

Please Note: soy is a product that is found to be highly genetically
Modified. GMO's can be dangerous to your health, so make sure you get a miso paste that states it doesn't contain GMO Soy. Or says Non-GMO.

APPLICATION: I find best results when I consume miso the week before my 'time'. It reduces pain dramatically, sometimes eliminates it. I enjoy the taste, plus it gives me an excuse to go out and have a sushi meal.
If you are a fan, you can have it as a daily soup or make it in a mug and drink it like a tea

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